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Bowes Railway Company Limited

The Council have a close relationship with the Company and provide administrative and treasury support and have Councillor representation on the Board of Directors. The Chief Executive also acts as Company Secretary to the Company. The objects for which the Company is established are to preserve, operate and exhibit for the public benefit for educational and instructional purposes, and to stimulate and encourage interest in all kinds of railway transportation systems, structures, vehicles and equipment and engineering facilities and to foster and support the railway preservation and workshops with use for the preservation and fabrication and interpretation of artefacts of industrial archaeological interest.
18 May 2011 - 15 May 2012
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Scheduled Meeting DateStart TimeEnd TimeVenueStatusCalendar
22 June 201116:00TBCBowes Railway Co. Ltd.Scheduled
28 September 201116:00TBCBowes Railway Co. Ltd.Scheduled
26 January 201216:00TBCCommittee Room 3Scheduled
27 March 201216:30TBCBowes Railway Co. Ltd.Scheduled


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