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Regulatory Committee

This Committee exercises the function of designating streets for the purpose of street trading, the free distribution of printed matter and designating areas as alarm notification areas under the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005. The Committee exercises the functions of considering the grant refusal, amendment and cancellation of licences, certificates, permits or registration in respect of:- common land; hackney carriage and private hire vehicles and their operators and drivers; hypnotism performers; safety of sports grounds; sex establishments; street and house to house collections; street and market trading and town and village greens.
16 May 2012 - 14 May 2013
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Scheduled Meeting DateStart TimeEnd TimeVenueStatusCalendar
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28 May 201214:30TBCCommittee Room 2Scheduled
06 June 201214:00TBCCommittee Room 2Scheduled
25 June 201214:00TBCCommittee Room 6Scheduled
23 July 201214:30TBCCommittee Room 2Scheduled
03 September 201214:30TBCCommittee Room 2Scheduled
01 October 201214:30TBCCommittee Room 2Scheduled
15 October 201214:00TBCCommittee Room 2Scheduled
29 October 201214:00TBCCommittee Room 2Scheduled
26 November 201214:30TBCCommittee Room 2Scheduled
07 January 201314:30TBCCommittee Room 2Scheduled


PartyNameRoleMembership DatesAttendance
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Councillor Derrick Smith Member 16/05/2012 - 14/05/2013 70%
Councillor George Thompson Member 16/05/2012 - 14/05/2013 100%
Councillor Debra Waller Member 16/05/2012 - 14/05/2013 40%
Councillor Amy Wilson Chair 16/05/2012 - 14/05/2013 100%
Councillor John Wiper Member 16/05/2012 - 14/05/2013 80%

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