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Port Board

The Board is responsible for the discharge of the Council's statutory and commercial functions in relation to the Port of Sunderland.
18 May 2016 - onwards
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PartyNameRoleMembership DatesAttendance
Liberal democrats
Councillor Paul Edgeworth Member 15/11/2023 - current 100%
Councillor Joshua McKeith Member 15/05/2024 - current No meetings since joining
Labour and Co-operative
Councillor Graeme Miller Chairman 16/05/2018 - current 82%
Labour and Co-operative
Councillor Claire Rowntree Vice-Chair 17/05/2023 - current 0%
Labour and Co-operative
Councillor Paul Stewart Member 19/11/2020 - current 48%


Appointee NameAppointee RoleAppointee Membership DatesAppointee Attendance
Mr Richard McAvoy Co-opted Member 18/05/2022 - current 64%
Mr Leonard Taylor Co-opted Member 18/05/2022 - current 73%

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