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TWFRA Human Resources Committee

The Committee meets to determine and approve the establishment and terms and conditions of all employees of the Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Authority above SCP 57, subject to those matters delegated to the Chief Fire Officer, the Emergency Planning Officer and the Personnel Advisor to the Authority.
18 May 2016 - onwards
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PartyNameRoleMembership DatesAttendance
Councillor James Warne Sunderland City Council 14/06/2021 - current 67%


NameRoleMembership DatesAttendance
Councillor Ged Bell Newcastle City Council 14/06/2021 - current 33%
Councillor Kevin Dodds Gateshead MBC 18/06/2018 - current 73%
Councillor Wilf Flynn South Tyneside MBC 19/06/2017 - current 82%
Councillor Gary Robert Haley Chairman 18/05/2016 - current 100%
Councillor Janet Hunter North Tyneside MBC 14/06/2021 - current 67%
Councillor Thomas David George Woodwark Newcastle City Council 18/06/2018 - current 82%

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