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The City Council is where all 75 Councillors meet together to discuss major issues. Its main role is to agree the annual budget and major policies of the Council. The Council is also responsible for agreeing the Council's Constitution, appointing the Leader of the Council and appointing Councillors to Council Committees. The Leader appoints his/her Cabinet or Executive and at Council meetings Councillors can ask the Leader and Members of his/her Executive, questions about their work in running the Council. Councillors can also debate issues which concern the City and once a year the Leader can hold a debate about the State of the City.
18 May 2016 - onwards
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Scheduled Meeting DateStart TimeEnd TimeVenueStatusCalendar
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23 June 202116:00TBCMontgomery Suite, Sunderland A F C, Stadium of Light, Sunderland, SR5 1SUOccurred
15 September 202116:00TBCMontgomery Suite, Sunderland A F C, Stadium of Light, Sunderland, SR5 1SUOccurred
17 November 202116:00TBCTo be arrangedScheduled 
26 January 202216:00TBCTo be arrangedScheduled 
02 March 202216:00TBCTo be arrangedScheduled 
23 March 202216:00TBCTo be arrangedScheduled 
18 May 202218:00TBCTo be arrangedScheduled 


PartyNameRoleMembership DatesAttendance
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Councillor Usman Ali Member 06/05/2021 - current 100%
Wearside Independents
Councillor Steven Bewick Member 07/05/2019 - current 71%
Councillor James Blackburn Member 18/05/2016 - current 88%
Councillor William Blackett Member 16/05/2018 - current 83%
Councillor Chris Burnicle Member 06/05/2021 - current 100%
Councillor Michael Butler Member 07/05/2019 - current 82%
Councillor Kelly Chequer Member 18/05/2016 - current 88%
Liberal democrats
Councillor Margaret Crosby Member 07/05/2019 - current 94%
Councillor Michael Dixon Member 18/05/2016 - current 95%
Councillor Tracy Dodds Member 06/05/2021 - current 100%

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